What Does a Dentist Do?

A dentist is a healthcare professional who specializes in the care of teeth. They treat various oral diseases, prescribe medicines and perform procedures to relieve pain and improve oral health. Dental services also include correcting poorly positioned teeth, affecting chewing, speech, digestion, and appearance. Additionally, dentists supervise dental technicians and other staff members and evaluate overall health and medical history. They also educate patients on proper oral hygiene and the prevention of oral diseases and conditions.

dentist West LakesDental x-rays

While dental x-rays are not routine, they do have their place. These specialized X-rays can diagnose various dental problems, from abnormal bone structure to tooth infections. Using these images can also help identify the presence of wisdom teeth and other problem areas. And since they can show the condition of an entire mouth, dental x-rays are an essential part of a comprehensive dental care plan.

X-rays can help dentists detect problems inside the jaw. Often, dentists perform occlusal X-rays with the jaw closed. It is the best way to examine the condition of all the teeth in one shot. In addition, panoramic X-rays rotate around the head and are useful in checking wisdom teeth and implanting dental devices. Periapical X-rays, on the other hand, show two complete teeth.

Dental fillings

One of the most common procedures at the dentist West Lakes is tooth filling. These fillings are made of different materials, some of which are better suited for your mouth than others. Dentists use fillings as part of routine dental treatments, such as repairing decayed teeth or replacing a broken tooth. However, it would help if you kept in mind that a dental filling may not last as long as your original tooth.

There are three main types of dental fillings. Gold and silver amalgam are the most common materials used. While these materials are strong and long-lasting, they are also noticeable when you smile. Aside from that, tooth-coloured composite materials and porcelain fillings are also options. Porcelain and ceramic fillings are also available, but the former is less expensive and looks more natural. Depending on the colour of your tooth, a filling made of a tooth-coloured material may be best for you.

Root canal therapy

If your tooth is suffering from an infection, root canal therapy may be necessary. Infection is caused by bacteria that grow inside the tooth’s pulp tissue. This inflammation can spread into the bone surrounding the tooth’s end. If you’re suffering from pain or swelling, you should visit a dentist. Root canal therapy helps to remove the infection from the source, relieving pain and restoring the tooth’s health.

The process of root canal therapy is very simple. First, the dentist will numb the area around the affected tooth. Then, they will inject a local anesthetic into the area. Depending on the type of anesthetic, this may result in a burning or sharp pinch sensation. However, this pain will be minimal. You should be able to return to normal activities the next day. It would help if you continued to visit the dentist for regular cleanings.


You may have heard of orthodontics at the dentist West Lakes, but did you know that it is also a type of dental treatment? Orthodontic specialists have specialized training beyond the dental school curriculum and have the necessary expertise to correct malocclusions. These procedures can improve both the appearance and functionality of the mouth. Proper alignment of teeth and jaws is essential for a healthy lifestyle, and investing in orthodontic treatment is an excellent way to improve both. The dentist will use various appliances to move the teeth properly.

The dental office is the perfect place to get braces if you think about it. General dentists are skilled in general dental care and can fix a broken tooth. However, general dentists do not specialize in orthodontics, and therefore, they are unable to provide treatment for this problem. A general dentist will refer you to a specialist or orthodontist. General dentists and orthodontists share the same goal – creating a healthy smile for their patients.

Pediatric dentists

There are approximately 155,000 pediatric dentists, many of whom specialize in treating children. These dentists are trained to treat children of all ages, and their work involves both prevention and treatment of oral health problems. For example, pediatric dentist West Lakes is largely responsible for improving children’s oral health, and many also educate parents about proper oral care for children. Pediatric dentists are also responsible for treating children with special needs. They work in dental clinics, private offices, and even hospitals.

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