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    Advantages of Minimalist Kitchens

    One of the many advantages of minimalist kitchen design is that it requires little cleaning, as most materials used in this kitchen are easy to clean. Minimalist kitchen design also gives you plenty of storage space, as there are many ways to use kitchen islands as additional storage space. This style is also visually appealing, combining open and closed spaces. Modernism Modernism and minimalism go hand in hand, and in a minimalist kitchen, the emphasis is on clean lines, neutral colours, and little clutter. Think stainless steel appliances, glossy beige cabinets, and an understated tile backsplash. Decorative details like recessed lighting and hidden sockets add an extra touch to a…

  • Kitchen Renovations

    Kitchen Renovation Tips For Homeowners

    Fortunately, several kitchen renovation tips can help you plan your project and create an outstanding result. Following these tips, you can design a functional and attractive kitchen that lasts longer than trends and abuse. However, if you encounter any obstacles or have questions about the process, you should consider hiring a design firm or contractor. Here are some kitchen renovation tips for Adelaide homeowners. They will guide you from start to finish. Plan your kitchen renovation accordingly Planning your kitchen renovation ahead of time will help you avoid surprises and keep your budget on track. Planning your renovation well in advance also helps you to avoid making last-minute changes that…

  • Kitchen Renovations

    Lo and Co Interiors Brass Handles Buying Guide

    Whether you’re replacing old hardware, redecorating or installing new fixtures, the right hardware can make the difference between a good look and an aesthetically pleasing kitchen. Choosing the right door handle is a great way to give your kitchen a classic look while incorporating the functionality and style of your home. There are so many brasses handles available that you can match them to your existing design scheme or create an entirely new look. Today’s door handles are available in various finishes, from traditional to contemporary to eclectic. For more information on which type of door handles you should choose, check out Lo and Co Interiors. A variety of styles…