Commercial Building Inspection Basics

A building inspection is an independent inspection carried out by an individual licensed building inspector, usually training in one or more fields. It is qualified in one or more areas to render expert advice on whether a particular structure meets building code standards. These codes vary significantly across the United States of America. The current Building Regulations implemented by each state covers everything from exterior woodwork to plumbing systems. In addition, the inspectors carry out comprehensive investigations to ensure compliance with other relevant federal, state and local laws. Some states, such as New York, require building inspections to be carried out by professionals who have specialized qualifications, including specific training in building analysis.


building-inspectionWhen it comes to buying or selling a house, it is advisable to get building inspection services. Such inspections cover the examination of electrical appliances, air conditioning systems, plumbing systems, heating, ventilation and the structural integrity of the building. It helps avoid costly mistakes and prevents you from becoming a victim of fraudulent activities by less scrupulous real estate agents.


Some states require building inspectors to have specific qualifications such as a license. However, some do not. The laws governing these inspections are very detailed, and only sure inspectors who hold a special permit to operate may perform the final inspection. You can check out the National House-Building Council website to find out if the inspectors you are interested in have a special permit. Most inspectors will have a list of permits that they hold. If there are none listed, you should ask the inspectors why they would need to obtain a license in your case.


Some states do not require licensing or a special permit to inspect buildings but require the building inspection engineers to hold a certain amount of training, special training or experience. For example, in Florida, all inspectors must have at least five years of job experience in residential construction. It is a legal requirement, so the inspectors cannot hire anybody to fill the job. The building inspection engineers must go through a training program with an accredited training school. They must then complete either a two-year degree program or a four-year degree program. After completing this training, the engineers must sit and pass a written examination that many times is posted online.


It’s important to note that there are other types of commercial building inspectors besides commercial building inspectors. For example, there are building condition inspectors who specialize in rehab properties. Some insurance companies require a commercial building inspector to be licensed and bonded. If you purchase a home, it’s wise to get a copy of your home’s building report to see if any problems need to be addressed. Doing this now can save you a lot of money if significant problems are found during the final inspection.


Finally, if you buy a home, it’s wise to get a copy of the owner’s insurance policy. If there’s a plumbing issue or major electrical issue, you may order a complete home inspection to determine the extent of the damage. You may order an exterior home inspection as well if you’re purchasing a house that’s already on the market or has just been built. If you’re paying cash, you can always ask for a written estimate of what it will cost to repair or correct the problem.