Services Offered by an Adelaide Podiatrist

Tom is an enthusiastic local Adelaide Podiatrist who has experience in all facets of podiatric medicine. Tom graduated from UniSA in Adelaide and began his working career in Podiatry in South Australia. Tom had a varied background in sports, including running and rugby league, with particular interests in postural alignment, gait analysis, functional biomechanics and spinal biomechanics. He has also experienced minor injuries that have required surgery which has healed generally without any restrictions. Tom started his education as a Podiatrist at the Royal Adelaide Hospital. He pursued a Bachelor of Health Science in Physiotherapy and became a member of the university’s College of Podiatry in Melbourne.


In 1996, Tom set up a consultancy called The Body Image Institute to provide quality patient care. This clinic was initially intended as a one-person operation. Still, slowly it grew into a small consultancy firm offering health insurance for its clients and referral service for orthodontists in the Adelaide area. The consultancy has been praised by the Australian Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) as one of the top three best-rated podiatrists in the world. As of the end of July 2021, the consultancy has expanded its services and now offers general health insurance and a referral program for orthodontics in Adelaide.


The primary service of the Adelaide Podiatrist is Foot Care, offering both traditional podiatric and modern podiatric services. Injuries resulting from sports injuries or foot pain are commonly managed by the foot care services provided at the Advertiser. For conservative procedures, the treatments include arch supports, heel lifts, and the inspection report. If the patient requires orthodontic services, they offer a full range of services, including custom orthodontics, bridge planning, cosmetic dentistry, coronal implant placement and orthodontic surgery.


The Pediatric Service of the Adelaide Podiatrist can be found in the APMAs hospital directory. This service offers the full range of medical care and treatment for children and adolescents, from newborns to adolescents and young adults. They also work closely with the community to improve health and educate about healthy eating, child safety behaviour and physical activity. A Pediatric Dental Specialist is a highly trained professional who is board certified in pediatrics and orthopedics. They have specialised training in treating children and young adults with foot problems and specialise in complex foot care.


General podiatry refers to the practice of general podiatry, which includes foot care, including diagnosis, treatment and prevention of foot problems. They are board-certified and are qualified by the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation (AHPRA). Some of the orthopedic specialists in Adelaide are listed below. All these practitioners are engaged in some form of podiatric practice.


The most popular service of the Adelaide Podiatrist is, of course, podiatry care. The standard service provided is treating foot pain, foot disorders, plantar fasciitis and corns. They also offer therapeutic services like treating musculoskeletal system conditions, neurological disorders, psychological problems, and stress management. As podiatrists are highly qualified health care practitioners, they have access to the best medical and surgical resources around. They can use them in conjunction to provide optimum treatment for their patients.