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Male Breast Reduction Benefits

The procedure is usually performed under local anaesthesia or mild sedation with nitrous oxide. Incisions are made around the areola, and the glandular tissue is removed through this incision. Afterwards, the chest is padded with foam pads to encourage swelling to subside. Compression garments are worn for 4-6 weeks. Men can return to work within two weeks. Compression undershirts often accompany compression garments.

male breast reductionThe procedure is typically performed on an outpatient basis. Patients are often given a compression garment for several days after surgery, and a drain is sometimes required. Light physical activity can be resumed within a week after surgery. However, it is best to avoid strenuous activities for several weeks. Pain medication is prescribed after surgery for a short period. This surgery will leave noticeable scars. If the results are not desired, revision surgery may be required.

Another benefit of male breast reduction surgery is its impact on overall health. Unfortunately, not many men realise this, but there’s a reason why this procedure was invented in the first place. 

Many men with larger chests suffer from poor posture and weak back muscles. With a reduced chest size, men can stand more upright and feel better about their appearance. The procedure also improves the condition of their backs and spine. Men with enlarged chests may even improve their physical fitness by losing 40 pounds. If you’re worried about the procedure, talk to your plastic surgeon.

A male breast reduction procedure usually takes about one to two weeks. Patients may wear a compression garment for one to two weeks after the operation. However, they should return to strenuous activities within four weeks. Some scarring is visible but will fade over time. This scarring is near the areola and is usually inconspicuous. Most patients recover well within a few weeks. In addition, the male breast reduction scar is usually less noticeable and fades with time.

A male breast reduction procedure will address gynecomastia, a condition that causes men to develop enlarged breasts. The surgical procedure involves liposuction or surgical removal of excess fat and glandular tissue deposited in the chest. In severe cases, the procedure may also remove the skin from the chest area. You may experience some breast tenderness following surgery, but any significant pain will be rare. You should consult with a board-certified cosmetic surgeon before scheduling surgery.

Male breast reduction surgery is an invasive procedure performed under general or sedation anaesthesia. The entire procedure lasts about two hours, depending on the tissue removed. The surgeon will remove excess fatty tissue and loose skin from the chest area, creating a firmer and more masculine chest. This surgery is also effective for improving social interactions and relieving insecurities. For men suffering from gynecomastia, the surgery can give them the confidence to get out in public and enjoy social situations.

A male breast reduction is the most effective surgery for men suffering from gynecomastia, and everyone in the medical industry will agree with that assessment. It removes the fatty tissue, glandular tissue, and excess skin and restores a masculine chest contour. Male breast reduction is performed under general anaesthesia or sedation. Local anaesthesia may also be used to numb the area where the surgery is performed. The procedure is safe and effective for men of all ages, including teenagers.

A male breast reduction surgery aims to eliminate the excess breast tissue and enhance the chest area. Male breast reduction surgery is an effective treatment option for gynecomastia, a common disorder characterised by enlarged chests. If you are interested in this procedure, you should be in the ideal weight range, maintain your current weight for at least a year, and be near the end of puberty. Gynecomastia patients should seek further medical evaluation to ensure no underlying medical issue. Also, non-smokers are the best candidates, though smokers can undergo male breast reduction if they quit smoking before surgery.

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